I don’t really know what to write, but I wanted to start writing again.. 

I had a meeting for college yesterday to enroll in courses. And now I need $500 in less than two weeks! No idea how I’m gonna pull that one off, but it’ll have to happen some how.. 

I applied for a job last week. I’ve never had one before, but my grandmother is friends with the manager, so I’m hoping that will increase my chances of having a shot. I’m still waiting for a call back though. 

If I don’t get this job then I guess I’ll just have to keep trying… 

Growing up sucks! haha

I’ve been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately, because I’ve really wanted to watch, but there are no new episodes out, as they’re on a break between seasons. So I had decided to start from the beginning. But I have seen every single episode, multiple times. I know exactly what episode is what and what happens within the first minute or so, which is making it sort of boring.

I’m trying to watch Big Brother again. I tried last summer, and I couldn’t. I love BBCAN, but I have a really hard time getting into the American one. The camera quality, lighting, and design aren’t nearly as good, and the people are more dramatic, and just different, I find it hard to like. But so far this season hasn’t been too bad. I love Derrick, he’s my favourite and I’m really rooting for him. I can’t stand Devin, and I genuinely think he needs a psych evaluation. His interpretation of everything is so messed up and his thought process is gibberish. He’s a freaking idiot, and way too cocky.

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so um, i guess this is my first entry. i had a personal blog a while back, but i forgot the email address for it, so i’ve made a new one. as stated, this is a personal blog. and not like my personal blog, where i just reblog pictures i like - this is a personal blog where i will actually write. and maybe reblog some stuff too. 

as stated in the description, i want to remain anonymous. however, it also states my age, location, and gender. 

i will be changing all names of the people i use. i don’t typically talk in third person, so i don’t really need to assign a name to myself.

first posts are always so boring. it’s like i’m literally listing off rules of my blog and how it will be run, and then i’ll share a little about myself. but maybe, hopefully, it’ll get slightly interesting at some point. i don’t really expect followers or anything, i’m mainly just doing this for myself, but i can be a friendly person, and i wouldn’t mind making friends!

i’m a big ranter or complainer. complaining makes everything better. i’m the most annoying person when sick, because all i do is complain. luckily i have an amazing immune system, so i very rarely get sick. however, my allergies sometimes give the exact same symptoms. 

but i’m also generally a positive and happy go lucky kind of person. i’m usually laid back, happy, content.

i don’t really know what else to say. i guess it’ll all be revealed in time? haha

some basics, i’ll be 20 next month, i love animals more than people, i have a boyfriend (7 months and counting), i live with my mom, i’m taking some online courses this fall. oh, and i love pretty little liars.

i really have nothing else to say…. bye for now!

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